H O M E      A B O U T      M U S I C      V I D E O      P H O T O S



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10 new ’80s-inspired songs featuring Nina Luna (‘Neon Summer’) and Matthew. J Ruys (‘This City’), plus Cody Carpenter, Nik Brinkman (Junica), Becca Starr, Miriam Clancy, Belinda Bradley (Selon Recliner), Kyle Brauch (MIDWAVE, Rain Rabbit), The Saxophone Warrior (Hipster Assassins, Fischer Spooner), Rodger Cunningham and Chelsea Nenni (Late Slip).

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We teamed up with Sofa King Vinyl (OSC, The Motion Epic, Client Liaison) for the Bandcamp release which means vinyl and cassette!

Due to delays in vinyl production, we are sitting in a line behind 50000000 Taylor Swift and Grateful Dead reissues so the vinyl will not ship until January 2022. Sad, but nothing we can do. In the meantime we have the digital.

• Specially mastered for vinyl by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio
• Hot Pink opaque vinyl
• Gloss flood on cover
• 12”x24” double-sided full-color insert with lyrics and liner notes
• Hype sticker
• PVC lined sleeve
• Limited to 300 copies

• Specially mastered for cassette by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio
• Duplicated in real-time from 24bit master files
• Fox Recordings The Master Premium Ferro Tape
• 6x panel, double-sided full-color J-card
• Rubine red cassette with screws, on-shell print
• Opaque white cases
• Limited to 100 copies

As a bonus, we also have released an instrumental version of the album on the Diamond Field Bandcamp: diamondfield.bandcamp.com/album/diamond-field-the-instrumentals
NB: The instrumental album is currently a digital-only release.

Diamond Field is on Bandcamp!

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O F F I C I A L    D I A M O N D    F I E L D    R E L E A S E S:

‘Freedom Pass’ with Dana Jean Phoenix • (2019)

‘Won’t Compromise’ with Bob Haro • 7x track maxi-single (2019)

‘Jolly Old Synth Nicholas’ with Who Ha • (2017)

‘Closer’ with Rat Rios • 7x track maxi-single (2017)

‘This City’ feat. Matthew Ruys • 7x track maxi-single (2015)

‘Burning Blood’ feat. the Black Lodge Girls • (2015)

‘The Nightingale’ feat. Rat Rios (Twin Peaks cover) • (2015)

‘Neon Summer’ feat. Nina Yasmineh • 8x track maxi-single (2014)

‘You (For Christmas)’ (2014)

Diamond Field remixes for other artists include Bob Haro, Roxi Drive, Bunny X, Matthew J. Ruys, Tangerine Beams, Junica, Little Bark, Phantom Ride, MIDWAVE, David Bridie, Go Stop Go, Dream Shore, Retroglyphs, Delete Delete, Von Hertzog, Milaro and Stereospread.