H O M E      A B O U T      M U S I C      V I D E O      P H O T O S




D I A M O N D   F I E L D :
“2 1 S T   C E N T U R Y   ‘ 8 0 S   M U S I C”

Based in New York City, Diamond Field channels their favorite sounds of the ’80s into new music for the 21st Century. Producer Andy Diamond works with different vocalists to create a compendium of tracks which work together, kind of like a compilation album but from one single artist!

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Diamond Field Keytar sml

“[‘Closer’] a catchy synthpop cut you’ve got to hear, and the video is really cool. Whether you’ve been to New York City or not, you’ll find its premise compelling.”

“Diamond Field has just released what has to be part of your summer soundtrack. ‘Closer’, featuring Rat Rios, is catchy, well written, and it is oh so infectious. I’m thrilled that it’s a maxi-single featuring 7 versions of the track because one listen just isn’t enough.”

“[‘Closer’] sounds like it could have been ripped from a soundtrack from one of the classic 80’s John Hughes movies. Or on Drive 2, your choice but it certainly has the retro persuasion in its gift. Not only that but those harmonies are quite striking and if anything endearing to anyone with a taste for floating ethereal goodness. Lovely listen all told.”
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